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While students are often encouraged to be proactive about their education, a Berks County high school student has taken that to a whole new level by running for a seat on the school board, reports CBS Philly.

"The current school board is in dire need of new, bold leadership," says Daniel Boone High School junior Connor Kurtz in a campaign announcement on YouTube.

Kurtz decided to run for the seat after he started attending school board meetings -- to bring the board's attention to the poor condition of the flags the district was flying. After the flags were replaced, he continued to attend the meetings, and, he says, "I realized they don't know what they're doing. They don't have a plan," he said. "It boggles my mind that you can be on the school board without a plan."

Kurtz will be vying against three other candidates for the single school board seat representing Amity Township. If he's elected, Kurtz's plan includes cutting spending and lowering taxes -- though the 17-year-old doesn't pay taxes, "You don't have to pay taxes to know the taxes in Daniel Boone are too high," he says -- as well as implementing an activity fee and placing a moratorium on purchasing new textbooks.

"We need common-sense conservative leaders," Kurtz tells CBS.